Press Release

Housatonic Water Works Treasurer James J. Mercer announced today that the company plans to seek an extension of its implementation of the second stage of the rate increase scheduled for November 1, 2017. The company is seeking to postpone the increase until 2018. The request is the result of technical issues with the cellular communication transponders attached to the new meters being installed throughout the system. So far, the company has installed 415 meters, out of a scheduled 800.

Mercer explained that “the benefits to this system are substantial. We just need to get the cellular component working properly. Most of us living in the Berkshires are familiar with intermittent cell phone problems in the Berkshires. It’s important to emphasize that the meter itself is working properly and is not affected by the transponder problems.

“The new meters offer enhanced benefits for the company and the consumer,” Mercer said. “Once the cellular issues are resolved, customers will be able to monitor their usage online and receive notification should a leak occur.”

Mr. Mercer further stated that, “We’ve had a continuing dialog with the supplier to resolve this issue, and over the last 4 months company representatives have been out in the field attempting to resolve the problem.”

The company is working with the Town of Great Barrington and the DPU settlement staff to make this adjustment in the rates.

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