Notice: Temporary Water Interruption

There will be temporary interruptions in water service as we replace the water main that serves North Street. Construction will begin the week of August 7, 2017 and extend from Kirk Street to the end of North Street. We anticipate this project will be completed by August 17, 2017.

There will be temporary water interruptions as services are switched over to the new line. Customers will be notified the day before so that they can draw enough water to supply their needs during this period. Occasionally, brief delays occur, however, we do not anticipate long period (over four hours) interruptions. After the water supply is reinstated – if water shows any discoloration – simply run the water until it clears. If water is available from most faucets, but won’t flow from a particular one, remove the screen from that faucet and run water. Clean the faucet screen and reinstall it.

This work will be performed by Joe Wilkinson Construction Company. If you have any concerns regarding the water service interruption, please contact us.

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